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What is Distressed REIA?

Distressed REIA (Distressed Real Estate Investors Association) is an organization of, and for, real estate investors. Our purpose is to assist our members in achieving their real estate investment goals by providing education, motivation and the opportunity to meet with others with similar interests and experiences. We provide programs, events and webinars with information on various aspects of real estate investing. These help members increase their knowledge through education. We also provide a network that investors find very helpful in getting their questions answered, their problems solved and their deals done. Distressed REIA members are invited to contact our office for assistance with their deals.

Who Are Our Members

Distressed REIA members come from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Our common bond is an interest in real estate investing. Our members vary in their investing experience from beginners looking for their first property to full time investors with hundreds of units. Most members are investing in residential real estate. The educational background of our members ranges from those who have bought intensive training programs costing thousands of dollars to folks that have learned it all from a few books, their friends or in the school of Hard Knocks. We also have members that come from various professions that make up or serve the real estate industry, such as mortgage brokers, real estate agents, trades people, lenders, attorneys, accountants, title agents and beginning and seasoned investors.

Distressed REIA Events

Distressed REIA sponsors numerous events throughout the year. From investor expos to conventions, bus tours and boot camps.

Discounts For Distressed REIA Members

Membership in Distressed REIA enables investors to get discounts on books, tape programs, magazine and newsletter subscriptions, entry to conferences and seminars and educational programs.

Membership Benefits Include:

The following are just a few of the benefits you’re entitled to:

Throughout the year, Distressed REIA plans numerous fun get togethers for members: Distressed REIA evening events; dinners and more! This is a great opportunity to network in a relaxed environment with our members.

Educational Programs

Distressed REIA sponsors various educational workshops and seminars throughout the year. Distressed REIA attracts many nationally known real estate speakers and investors. These programs provide more intensive education in subjects related to real estate investing. Distressed REIA members are always welcome at a special discounted price.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Distressed REIA meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Meetings provide an opportunity to meet and learn from the other members, as well as a program featuring local or nationally recognized speakers who share their expertise. The Distressed Real Estate Investor’s Association is always looking for sponsors to promote products or services at the meetings. To find out more about becoming a member call our office at: (561) 948-2127.