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Our Corporate Members offer preferred services to our Members. Please contact them for help in your respective needs.

For information on “How to Become a Corporate Member”, go to the “About Us – Join” page of this web site.

Alan J Fisher P.A Attorney At Law – Alan Fisher 561-300-3375

Boca Real Estate Investment Club – David Dweck  561-391-REAL

Brightway Commercial Cleaning – Rick Iacona 561-239-5706

John Galt Insurance Insurance – Kyle Quezada 954-281-7100

Charles Rutenberg Realty Cynthia Benchick Broker/Owner

Charles Rutenberg Realty – David Dweck 954-354-1000

Cheap Houses in South Florida – LexLevinrad 561-948-2127

Cheap Houses For Cash Investors In South Florida – Lex Levinrad 561-948-2000

Distressed Real Estate Investors Association – Lex Levinrad 561-948-2127

Distressed Real Estate Institute – Lex Levinrad – 561-948-2127

Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp – 561-948-2127

Foreclosure Leads For Real Estate Investors – Joe Montagna 813-563-0005 Ext 1

Hard Money Loans and Transactional Funding – Lex Levinrad 561-948-2000

Lex Buys Houses For Cash – Lex Levinrad 561-948-2165

Independence Title – Kevin Tacher 954-335-9305

Schilian & Watarz, PA, All County Title Services, Inc.
GerrySchilian 561-994-8830