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Florida Wholesale Real Estate Deals
Wholesale Real Estate Deals For Investors Throughout The State Of Florida

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You can partner with us on your real estate deals and we put up all the cash!

Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp
Learn how to wholesale real estate and flip houses at the boot camp

Fixing and Flipping Houses Boot Camp

Learn how to buy, fix and flip houses for huge profits

Real Estate Coaching and Mentoring
Information about our Real Estate Coaching & Advanced Inner Circle Trainings

Distressed Real Estate Investors Association
A local real estate investment club for investors in South Florida. Especially for those that are interested in learning how to invest in real estate, wholesale, fix and flip, buy, fix and rent properties in South Florida.

Florida Local Government
Access to local county governments in State of Florida

Lex Buys Houses For Cash.Com
Lex Buys Houses For Cash, in any condition, any price and anywhere in South Florida. We also offer many houses for rent and rent to own in Broward, Palm Beach and St Lucie County.

Lex Levinrad
The Distressed Real Estate Institute teaches new real estate investors how to invest in real estate and how to buy, fix and flip properties and offers private coaching, group coaching, bus trips, boot camps and home study courses for all levels of real estate investors

Lex Real Estate Group
Search the Florida MLS for free

Palm Beach County Property Appraiser
Official Palm Beach County Property Appraiser Website

St Lucie County Property Appraisers Office
Access to taxes and assessments for St Lucie County properties

Broward County Property Appraiser

Official Broward County Property Appraiser Website